How to Add a Coupon to Passbook

Passbook is an application that is pre-loaded onto Apple devices that allows you to keep track of things like tickets for movies and concerts as well as airline tickets, gift cards and store coupons. It is essentially a virtual wallet to help you keep track of things that you might have otherwise lost track of, especially coupons which can often be lost in a wallet .

Step 1
Adding coupons to your Passbook is easy. The first step is downloading apps that are compatible with Passbook. Apps you have previously downloaded that are compatible will already be in Passbook. If you don’t have any, Passbook will prompt you to browse and download apps that you can use.

Step 2
Once in a compatible app that offers coupons, scroll through to see what is available. Next to each offer you will see an “Add to Passbook” option, that, when tapped will automatically add the coupon into your app.

Step 3
Take your phone with you to the store. Do you grocery shopping as usual.

Step 4
When checking out, present the coupons from the Passbook app to the cashier, who can scan them just like regular coupons.

Passbook is a great way to keep track of all your coupons. Just browse through a store’s app, find the coupons section, and add as you will.
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