How to Add a Remote to your TV

Programming your remote to your TV can seem a little daunting, but it is actually really simple. To make sure it works, follow this checklist.

Step 1: Ensure remote has a clear path to the TV. If the television cannot detect the remote’s signals, you will not be able to program it.

Step 2: Check your TV’s remote code. Every device (TV, cable box, audio system, etc.) has a different code to enable it to pair with a remote. Different brands and different models use different codes. Check your TV manual for the code. If it is not there check for a list of codes often associated with the brand (often comes with the Remote’s manual). Example: a Toshiba television might use the code 10154.

Step 3: Program the remote according to the instructions. Programming instructions should be in the device manual. Each device is different. For this example, we will be using a simple TWC Universal Remote.

  • • Turn on the television.
    • Press the SET button it down. The red LED should blink twice. Release the button.
    • Enter the TV’s numeric code. Example: 10154. The red LED should blink twice. If it fails, it will give one long blink.
    • Aim the remote at the TV and press power. If the pairing is successful, it will shut off.
Your remote should now be paired to your TV. If the pairing was unsuccessful, try another code. If none of the codes work, you can also check the code inside the TV itself. Using TWC Universal Remote: Hold SET (two blinks), dial code 990, then press 1 for the first digit in the code (2 for the second, 3 for the third, etc.). The number of times the LED blinks is the code number (0 is no blinks). Repeat for each digit in the code.

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