How to Add Album Artwork to iTunes Automatically

When you collect your favorite songs and albums in iTunes, you can also add the cover art for some visual flair. If you're missing some of your cover art, you can use these steps to automatically have the missing album artwork added to your music collection.


Step 1: First, you want to make sure iTunes will automatically include album artwork when you import a new CD or add new songs to your library. To do this, select the Edit menu in iTunes and click on Preferences.

Step 2: Once you’re in the Preferences menu, click on Store. Now, you can select “Automatically download missing album artwork.” When you import a CD or add tracks to your iTunes library, the platform will automatically fill in missing album artwork for you.

Step 3: If there are a few songs in your library that aren’t displaying artwork, select the songs, then select Advanced and click on Get Album Artwork.

Step 4: As you’re browsing, you can use the Album List button to view all the albums in your library. To see all album artwork, select View and then click on Always Show Artwork.

Step 5: If you want the full-screen artwork experience, select Cover Flow. Then use the arrows in the bottom-right corner of the display to choose your resolution size.

Recap: Your iTunes songs, albums, and playlists just aren’t the same without album artwork. Use the easy steps above to automatically add album artwork to your iTunes library.