How to Add Certifications to your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a website for professionals that allows you to add your certifications to your profile. This allows you to display your area of expertise to your connections and others who visit your profile. The certifications that you can add on your LinkedIn profile may be the global certifications, academic achievements, professional certifications, etc.

Regardless of the type of certification that you may have, adding them to your LinkedIn profile will help you get good clients and/or find skilled employees that may be helpful in your business expansion and earning goodwill and fame.

Adding certifications to your LinkedIn profile is easy. Here is how:

    ■Log on to your computer system and open your favorite web browser.
    ■Type in the address bar, and press Enter in order to open the LinkedIn website.
    ■If prompted, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign In button.

    ■On the Home page (window that opens up by default), click the Profile menu located at the menu bar.
    ■From the profile page that comes up, click the Edit Profile button.

    ■On the next page, under the You can also add category list in the right pane, click Certifications.

    ■Under the Certification section in the left pane, provide the details of your certification in the appropriate fields.
    ■Click the Save button to add the certification to your profile.

    ■Finally, click the Done editing button at the top in order to apply changes.