Pocket has been well-developed for seamless integration into all of your favorite devices and browsers, with just a few simple set-up steps.

Using Pocket from your web browser is especially beneficial, as you can save articles, videos, and more for you to view from any mobile device, on-the-go.

Here's how to add Pocket to your web browser:

Note: This tutorial was completed using a Macbook Pro and Chrome browser. However, steps are similar for Windows operating systems and other browsers.

1. Navigate your browser to http://www.getpocket.com;


2. If you're new to Pocket, scroll down to view some of Pocket's most beloved features;


3. In the menu bar, click How to Save;


4. Click Connect Now;


5. Your browser will prompt you to install the plug-in by clicking Add or Install;


6. The Pocket icon will appear in your browser's utility bar. Click the icon and you'll be prompted to either create a new account with Pocket, or sign-in to an existing account.



Once you have an account and sign-in to Pocket, you'll be able to click the icon anytime you want to save a page. When you login to Pocket from any other device, all pages you've saved from your web browser will appear. That's it!