How to Add Sources to Feedly

Feedly is an RSS reader, which helps you aggregate all of your news to one place. It is available both on Android and iOS mobile devices as well as on your laptop. Aside from compiling news feeds, Feedly helps you customize and share your content with other users. If it is your first time using Feedly, here's how you can add sources to your Feedly page.

1. Go to the Feedly website where you can find different categories on the main page. At the left side corner, click "Add Content" and you will be asked to pick a topic or source.


2. Type the name of the website you want to add.


3. You will be then taken to a preview of that website including the latest news and happenings you can find there. To add it into your feed, simply click the "+feedly" box beside the website name.


4. Once you do that, a confirmation window will appear from the left side asking whether you want to "Add" or "Cancel" the website. You can change the name of the website or not and add which category you want it to belong to.


5. Another way to add a source to Feedly is to pick a category from each selection on the main page. Once you pick a category, a list of different websites will appear on the page. Simply click the plus (+) sign found inside each preview to add the website.


6. You will be able to view all the sources you have added on your Feedly including the category which they belong to at the left side of the page.

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