How to Add Widgets to an Android Phone's Home Screen

A widget is an interactive window that provides you with information that when clicked upon will usually bring the user to an application or website. Widgets are different from apps and are not always equal in size, so make sure that you have enough room on your phone’s screen for your widget. They are a shortcut to the program you want to use.

Step 1:
From your phone, swipe to the nearest screen with enough room to fit your desired widget.
Step 2:
Press and hold the home button.
Step 3:
You will be given the option to manage your widgets.
Step 4:
Scroll through your widgets until you find the one you wish to add to your home screen.
Step 5:
Press and hold your selected widget until you feel it vibrate.
Step 6:
Move it to your home screen and into the desired place that you want to put it.

Recap: If there is no room available on your home screen, then you will not be able to put your widget on that page. You can even change the size of some of your widgets and move them around into different places. This allows you to personalize your home screen and prioritize the widgets that you use the most into a more convenient and accessible location. If there is a widget that you want to add to your home screen, but it is not in your arsenal of widgets, then visit the Google Play Store to download that widget.

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