How to Add Widgets to Notification Center in iOS 11

Using corresponding widgets, Notification Center in your iDevice gives you quick access to all the
information related to the topics of your interest.
By default, some widgets are already added to the Notification Center, and some others are present in
your iDevice but not added.
Although the process of adding widgets to the Notification Center is simple and straightforward, not all
apps are widget-compliant. Therefore, it is important to check if an app can be added as a widget before
you install it on your device.
Here’s how you can add a compatible app as a widget to the Notification Center in your iDevice:
    Get to the Notification Center screen
    Swipe the screen to the right. This opens the Notification Center that contains all the widgets,
    likely the default ones, if you’ve not modified the settings earlier.

    Get to the Add Widgets window
    Scroll down to the bottom of the Notification Center and tap Edit. This opens the Add
    window from where you can add or remove the widgets from the Notification

    Add a widget
    Tap the + icon next to your preferred widget under the MORE WIDGETS section. This
    instantaneously adds the widget to the Notification Center.

    Remove a widget

From the upper section of the Add Widgets window, tap the icon next to an unwanted
widget, tap Remove, and tap Done from the top-right. This removes the widget from the
Notification Center, and the name of the widget is moved to the MORE WIDGETS section of the
Add Widgets window.