How to Adjust Display in Fire TV

The Fire TV is a streaming entertainment gadget that allows you to play your favorite games, watch videos, listen to music, and use a variety of apps on your television from the internet.
Television display is an essential feature when it comes to getting the ultimate entertainment experience. Here is a guideline to help you adjust display in your Fire TV.

Choose 'Display & Sounds'
Sometimes pictures may not fit on the screen and this can be annoying. Using your remote, click on the ‘Menu’ and proceed to the ‘Home Screen’ Menu, scroll down and select ‘Settings’. From the settings menu, select the 'Display and Sounds' menu, then click ‘Display’.

• You can easily access settings from the quick access menu. To achieve this, press and hold the ‘Home button’ from your remote.

• Sometimes display problems may be as a result of a poor network. Use the check your network status to check, manage, and identify any problems with your internet connection.

• From the ‘Display & Sounds’, you will be able to regulate your audio settings, view your television specifications, configure your television display, and establish a screen saver.

Click 'Calibrate Display'
• From the 'Display' menu, click to open ‘Calibrate Display’.

• Using the up and down keys on your remote, arrange the arrows to ensure that they are strategically placed within the border of your screen. Remember, you can always undo any changes you make by clicking 'Reset'.

It is important to remember that the Fire TV is specially designed to execute most configuration settings automatically. The settings menu, however, comes in handy when you want to manage your preferences and settings as desired.

Click 'Accept'
In order to apply the changes, select 'Accept'. Go back to your home screen and check whether the changes have been affected.

Watch 'Help and Related Videos'
There are many help videos that can help you solve common display problems in Fire TV. While many people do not need them, there are some who find them easier to understand than written guidelines.
Watch help videos regularly and you will get extensive information and tips on how to use your Fire TV with minimal struggle, and quick solutions on how to solve certain display problems. This way, you will also get tips on how to contact the Fire TV customer service department and give feedback on your experience.

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