How to Adjust the Resolution of a TV

How clear the picture is on your television is determined by the resolution at which it’s being viewed. The resolution is how many pixels are making up your picture –the more pixels the better the quality. Every television has a max resolution you can use, but you can switch between a few different options if you want.

Step 1
First press the Settings button on your remote. A menu should pop up on your TV screen. There should be an Output Resolution option. Select this option by using the arrows on your remote and hitting the select button.

Step 2
You should now be looking at a list of resolution options such as 480p, 720p, etc. Use the arrows on your remote to move to the option you want and then hit the select button to confirm your choice. A window will pop up that asks you if you’re sure about your choice and you should hit the “A” button on your remote to accept.

Step 3
Hit the exit button on your remote to leave the Setting menu. You can go back and switch resolutions whenever you want, although for the best quality picture you should choose the highest available resolution and leave it, especially if you are just watching TV.

Each television has a few different resolution options you can pick from by going into the Settings > Output Resolution menu. Higher resolutions mean more pixels and therefore a better picture and vice versa. You can change the resolution whenever you want.

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