How to Allow Only My Selected Friends to View My Status Update?


Apr 25, 2013
Facebook focuses greatly on maintaining user privacy and security. Facebook has also devised certain privacy control methods which you can customize accordingly.

If you wish to add a status update that is only visible to some selected friends in your friend list, you must follow the steps below in order to do so.

    ■On your favorite browser, open
    ■On Facebook the welcome page that opens up, log in with your credentials.
    ■On the homepage of your Facebook profile, in the What’s on your mind box, enter the content that you want to post as your status update.
    ■Once done, click the down arrow next to the Post button.

    ■From the drop-down list that appears, click Custom.
    ■On the Custom privacy box, from the These people or lists drop-down list, choose Specific People or Lists.
    ■In the visible field, type the names of the people who you want to view your status update.
    ■Click Save Changes when done.

    ■Back on the main page, click Post to finally post the update with the specific visibility scope.

Note: The status that you have just updated will also be visible to friends that are tagged on the status regardless of the presence of their names in the custom privacy section.