How to back up and restore SMS messages in Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow brought with it the ability to set automatic backups to the cloud. The idea is to have a secure backup should anything happen to your phone, or to enable you to transfer all your important data between phones seamlessly. It’s a neat feature and we are going to talk you through using right now. If you want to back up and restore SMS messages in Android Marshmallow, read on.

Automatic backups with Android Marshmallow
Unless you’re paranoid about security, having an automatic backup can save a lot of time and effort should anything happen to your phone. Fortunately, Android has you covered.

1. Access the Setting menu and select Accounts under the Personal header.
2. Select your Google Account.
3. Swipe right everything you want to sync to the cloud.
4. Go back to the Settings Menu and scroll down to Backup and reset.
5. Enable and check your Google account is listed as the Backup account.
6. Select Automatic restore underneath if you wish.

Backup and restore SMS messages in Android Marshmallow
Android automatic backups will handle most of the important things stored on your phone but it won’t backup or restore SMS messages. For that you need a third party app. Fortunately, there are a few good ones.

1. Access the Play Store from your phone and search for SMS managers.
2. Install your SMS manager of choice.
3. Follow the apps instructions to set up SMS backups to the location of your choice.
4. When you need to restore SMS, follow the instructions within the app.

Some SMS managers will allow you to sync directly with Gmail or cloud storage. Others will also allow you to schedule automatic backups on a schedule. We would definitely suggest enabling both of these options.

Back up everything
There are a number of apps that enable you to back up your entire phone. Just follow the steps above for using an SMS manager but instead look for backups or backup managers. There are plenty to choose from!

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