How to Become a Ninja in Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a massive online game where kids create penguins, build homes for them, decorate them, have a family, and a whole host of other activities that can be fun, educational, and most importantly, safe for kids. A new area was introduced in 2008, giving players the opportunity to become ninja penguins. Read through the following steps to learn how to become a Club Penguin ninja.

1. Logging in- Log in to your Club Penguin game.

2. The Dojo- Open your map and locate the Dojo. Tap to enter the area.

3. Speaking with Sensei- When you enter the Dojo, tap on Sensei. He will tutor you on how to play Card-Jitsu, which is necessary in becoming a Club Penguin Ninja.

4. Black belt- You will need your black belt in order to be able to defeat Sensei later on. You get your black belt by getting 90 wins at Card-Jitsu. Tap on the Earn Your Belts option to play Card-Jitsu where it counts: against other penguins.

5. Sensei- After you’ve achieved your 90 wins, you will be allowed to take Sensei on. Note: You will lose every hand for a while, and then the program will shift, allowing you to take advantage of Sensei’s rare mistakes and hopefully beat him. Patience is key here Once you beat Sensei , you will earn the title of ninja.