How to Block an Email Address with Mac Mail

Mac users have their own email system to use called Apple Mail, sometimes referred to as Mac Mail in OS X, Users may want to block certain senders because of annoying emails. Not as many users may know how to do this, but there is little doubt that any user that has received annoying emails over and over again would definitely like to learn. If you would like to learn how to block an email address through Mac Mail, just follow these simple instructions.

1. Dock- Go to your Dock and select Mail. Then select Preferences from the drop down menu.

2. Preferences- Within Preferences are a number of tabs. On the far right, you will see a tab that says Rules. Click on
Rules, then Add Rule from the menu on the right.

3. Setting a rule- You will have a text box to describe the rule you’re setting. Ensure that in the next selections that it says any, From, Contains, then enter the email address in the blank text box next to Contains.

4. Deletion- In the option below, you can select options of what to do with the message under Perform the following actions. Select Delete from the drop down menu, then Click OK. Future messages from that email address will automatically be deleted, not even appearing in the Trash.