How to Boot Your PC from a USB Device

When you are troubleshooting or installing a new operating system on your computer, you will be prompted to boot it either from a disk or a USB device. Here is how to boot your PC from a USB device:

1. Restart your computer first until you see the screen with the display, "Press F12 to Choose Boot Device." Follow the command.


2. As your computer boots, wait until a menu appears on your screen. Choose your CD or USB drive and hit "Enter."

3. You can also set your computer up to search for a bootable CD or USB dive so that it will automatically boot when you insert one. Just restart your computer until the boot screen appears with the command prompt, "Press DEL to enter set up." Follow the command to proceed.

4. Once you hit the "DEL" button, the BIOS screen will appear. Look for the "Boot Device" option and select.

5. Another menu will pop up so you can select your disc drive. Choose USB-HDD to boot using your USB device. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the page.


6. Save the changes you made and exit BIOS by pressing "Exit." Make sure that your USB is still attached while your computer is rebooting.