How to Breed a Crystal Dragon in Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City is a game made by Social Point. In this game, you build habitats, feed and grow dragons, breed them, and fight against other players. Certain dragons are quite difficult to breed and don’t always work on the first try. One such type is Legendary dragons, such as the Crystal Dragon. If you’d like to know how to breed this shiny blue Legendary dragon, just follow these simple steps:

1. Opening the app- On your mobile device, tap the Dragon City icon.

2. Checking your level- You must be at least level 16 to be able to breed a Legendary dragon.

3. Habitat- You have to place the dragon in a habitat. Build the Legendary habitat.

4. Breeding- You’ll have to breed certain dragons in order to get the Crystal Dragon. The dragons you’ll need are the Gummy Dragon and Soccer Dragon. Go to the Breeding Grounds and select it.

5. Checking dragon levels- Check your Gummy and Soccer Dragon to ensure that they’re at a high enough level to breed. If they are not, feed both dragons until they reach breeding level.

6. Selecting the parents- At the Breeding Grounds, select the Gummy Dragon and the Soccer Dragon. Tap breed. Now the waiting begins. It will take 48 hours to breed the Crystal Dragon. If this is not successful, breed the Gummy and Soccer Dragons again until you get your Crystal Dragon.