How to Breed a Plankton Dragon in Dragon City Mobile


In Dragon City, you will raise dragons from eggs into adults. The more you level them up, the more powerful they become. Breeding is an integral part of this game, as only a few dragons can be purchased with coins and the rest by breeding, unless you are willing to spend money on Gems and buy them. The steps listed here will help you breed a very rare dragon called Plankton Dragon.

1. Opening the game- Tap the Dragon City icon on your mobile phone or device.

2. Leveling- Your level will have to be at least 20 before you can breed the Plankton Dragon. If you are not there yet, fight, breed, and build until you get to level 20.

3. Parents- You will need the Wind Dragon and Mirror Dragon for the parents. If you do not yet have them, breed these dragons and grow them to adults (adults tend to increase your chance of success).

4. Getting the breeding started- Tap your breeding grounds, select your Wind Dragon and Mirror Dragon, and tap breed.

5. Multiple attempts- Given the rarity of the Plankton Dragon, you may need to breed several times in order to get the Plankton Dragon. The breeding time takes 20 hours to complete. Don’t give up and eventually you will add the Plankton Dragon to your collection.