How to Browse the Internet in Fire TV

The beauty of Fire TV is to allow the user access to the internet via television which on its own would not facilitate that access. It is, therefore, possible to browse the internet in Fire TV. To be able to able to access the internet, you have to install a web browser on your Fire TV.

1. How to Install the Web Browser

You can install Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any browser of your choice by following these steps:
● Go to 'Settings' on your Fire TV, and then choose the 'Device' or 'System' option. Turn on options from 'Unknown Sources'.
● Tap on the 'Search' button. You will get the 'Download' option which will further instruct you to install a free application; downloader.
● Once the application has been loaded, click on the 'Install' button.
● Your browser is ready to use. Open and ensure that it is working.

2. Using the Browser
There is a short tutorial to guide you through using the remote to cruise the browser and handle the bookmarks. To be able to use the browser navigation controls, go for the 'Menu' option on the remote. Search for the website or type in the specific URL hit 'Refresh' and request for the desktop form of the site.
The website will take up the entire screen. You will be able to use the remote and the cursor on the screen to move it around as you and click on the links you want to open. If you want to watch a video, the playback options on the remote come in very handy as they are faster than the cursor on the screen.

3. Searching for a Specific Site
If you want a particular site, you have the option to request Alexa to get it for you. You can also type it in or go through the keyboard on your screen.

4. Changing the Search Engine
You might decide to change the search engine for whatever reason. Hit the 'Menu' button on your remote control and search for 'Settings'. The settings will give you several options such as saved passwords, cookies, parental controls and many others.
Once you have your web browser on your screen, you can browse to your heart’s content and access your favorite sites like YouTube and many more. You will also have an easy time streaming your preferred video rental sites such as Netflix.
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