How to Build a Fort in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, you build your own fort, but you also have to protect it. In this game, you can't have a strong offense without a stronger defense, so you can take your opponent's attacks while you dish out your own. Here is how to build your fort in Clash of Clans:

To build a good fort you need to have a collection of gold and elixir.

1. Open the game on your device by tapping on the icon.

2. Then tap on ‘Shop’ on the lower right corner of the screen to enter into the store.

3. There will be six options to buy from. They are Treasure, Resources, Decortication, Army, Defenses, Shield.

4. If you want to buy Gems with real money then tap on Treasure.

5. Tap on Resources to build different types of storage and mines in your village.

6. Tap on decoration to add some fancy stuff to your village

7. Tap on Army to add barracks, army camps, laboratories, etc. to your village.

8. Tap on Defenses to add walls, mortars, canons, bombs, air defense, etc. to your village.

9. To add all of the above, you will need gold and elixir. Be sure to earn these by playing before you build your fort.

10. Whenever you try to add anything to your village, you have to place it by dragging it and tap on the ‘Tick mark’ over it. Then it will be locked into place.

11. If you want to re-place your forts, tap on the specific item you want to move. You will be able to move them and re-arrange your village. You can also upgrade your village by tapping on the ‘Upgrade’ button.