How To Build A Furnace In Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you just started playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, you should be focused on making a crafting table and a furnace. Furnaces, which smelt items and blocks, are useful because they can create additional blocks and items that crafting tables cannot provide. The smelting process requires both fuel and the item that you plan to smelt. Furnaces are simple to make and easy to use – just follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Mine eight cobblestones by using your wooden pickaxe to mine chunks of stone. The stone blocks in the game world are what you need to secure in order to start mining cobblestones.

Step 2: Select the crafting table after you have mined the cobblestone. The furnace will likely be listed as one of the top buttons. If you haven’t seen the furnace option before, it’s probably because you did not previously have eight cobblestones in your possession.

Step 3: Use the furnace to smelt blocks. The furnace interface displays a top slot, a fire icon in the middle, a bottom slot, and an arrow pointing to an end slot. The top slot is the entry point for the block that needs smelting, and the bottom slot is for fuel, such as coal or wood. Lava can be used for fuel as well, but it is an expensive resource.

Step 4: Your finished product will appear in that third slot once the block is smelted. If the furnace is smelting at night or in a dark area, it will light up until it’s finished smelting.