How to Build a Home in The Sims FreePlay

At some point in during The Sims Freeplay, you will have to think about where you are going to live. One option is, of course, to have a custom-built, brand new home. You will need to acquire the space on which to build it first. Here are the steps involved in building a new home in The Sims FreePlay.

Step 1
In order to build your own custom home, you will first need to clear a lot. Choose “Empty Lot.”

Step 2
On the vacant lot, you will begin the construction of your home by building each room one at a time. This is done manually.

Step 3
Once a room is finished, you can then go to the section where you buy furniture. Click on the picture of the house.

Step 4
Select the “Rooms” tab and create the size of the room you want. You can then add flooring, the walls, and a door. You can choose the color of the walls and all of the furnishings for the room. This process is repeated until the entire home is complete.

Each of the items that you add to the home will cost money, of course. Remember, the home that you begin the game with is much smaller and much less expensive than a custom built home on a vacant lot. The cost to build homes increases as your levels increase. The new home that you build will have an effect on the property values within your town. New homes increase property values.