How To Buy a Smartphone on T-Mobile's Website

As the fourth largest wireless provider in the United States, T-Mobile has more than 50 million subscribers not only in the US, but also in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Like all the other wireless carriers in the country, it offers handsets that come with plans which are tailored to different types of customers. If you are thinking of buying a smartphone on the T-Mobile website, here's a simple guide to help you do it.

1. Go to the T-mobile website first. On the home page, hover your mouse over "Shop" found at the top-left side of the page beside the T-Mobile logo. Ther eis a drop-down menu, click "Shop All Phones."


2. On the "Phone" page, you can browse the popular smartphones offered by the company. You can refine your search by clicking different categories based on what type of smartphone you prefer.


3. Once you've chosen the type of smartphone you want, click "Buy Now" to take you to the next step.


4. The next step is choosing a plan. There are at least four different plans which caters to whatever budget you have. Choose which budget you prefer and click "Add to Cart."


5. After that, a pop-up box will appear requesting your zip code to verify your location. Enter it on the space provided and click "Save."


6. The next page allows you to choose different add-ons to your phone. You can decline and proceed with your order. At this point, you can also add another phone if you want. If you don't want to do both, click "Checkout."


7. Before the final checkout, you will be able to review your purchases and make changes or add more just in case you forgot something. Once you have double-checked everything, click "Checkout."


8. Last is the "Account Information" page where you have to fill out all information about your billing and shipping address as well as your credit card information. Click "Verify" and once all the information you provided has been approved, click "Finish". You will receive an email about the confirmation of your purchase including the estimated time of arrival of your order.