How To Buy a Smartphone on Verizon Wireless' Website

Verizon is the United States' largest telecommunications provider with a reported 123.5 million subscribers as of 2014. Along with the services it provide, it has partnered with big consumer electronics companies and offer mobile phones and smartphones bundled with other plans. If you are thinking of buying a handset, here's how you buy a smartphone on the Version Wireless' website.

1. Go to the Verizon Wireless website. Once on their homepage, you will see the menu that will link you to other pages. Hover your mouse over the "Shop" menu found at the top-left near the Verizon logo. There is a drop-down menu, choose "Phones & Devices". After that, another drop-down menu will appear that will show you each specific category for phones and devices, click "Smartphones" to access the page.


2. Once you access the "Smartphone" page, you will see all the smartphones by different companies. To narrow down your search, you can click "Sort By" which categorizes phones according to their price and condition. Or you can also filter your search by brand.


3. After choosing the type of category, a list of smart phones will appear including the price or the plan available for that particular handset.


4. Hover your mouse over the specific phone you want to purchase and a "See Details" button will appear to take you to that phone's specific page.


5. A more detailed information regarding the various plans and pricing for that handset can be found on the right corner. Hovering over the "See Price Breakdown" link will give you an explanation of the pricing.


6. Aside from the handset and the plan, you also have the option to buy the smart phone in a bundle with a discount. A bundle includes the basic accessories, such as car charger and screen protector.


7. Once you decide to buy the handset, click "Add to Cart." Then a pop up box will appear asking for your zip code as a verification.


8. After that, another pop-up box will appear with two options as a new customer or as an existing customer. Click the option which applies to you.


9. If there is an inactivity on the page for a few minutes, a help prompt will appear whether you want help from the customer service or not. You can click or ignore it. If you choose to ignore it, click "Continue."


10. The next page will ask you what type of device protection you want for your smart phone. Basic protection is at $3 per month while the most expensive is at $10. You can also choose to decline protection.


11. After clicking "Continue," the next step is choosing the different features and accessories you want for your phone. After you choose your add-ons, proceed to the next page by clicking continue.


12. Before the check-out, you will have a closer look at all the price details and features of the smart phones. After double-checking the price and the add-ons on your phone, click "Checkout."


13. After the check-out, you will be asked about the address of your shipping details. Next, will be to set up your account information and to set up your device. Lastly, is to complete the order so make sure that you have gone through the information written there.


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