How to Cancel a Facebook Friend Request Using Your Android Smartphone

Since Facebook is a full-fledged social networking site, it allows you to send friend requests to other Facebook users. You should send the friend requests only to the people you know either personally or from some other medium.

However, if you have sent a friend request to any unknown person in error, you can retract the request easily using your Android smartphone. While cancelling the friend request on Facebook, always remember that if the other person has enabled the ‘Follow’ option on his/her profile, you will remain in his/her Followers’ list even after you have cancelled the request. In order to un-follow the person, you must click/tap the ‘Following’ button which works as toggle and will instantaneously remove you from the person’s ‘Followers’ list.

Here is how you can cancel an already sent friend request to any Facebook user using your Android mobile phone:

    ■Turn on your Android phone.
    ■Tap the Menu button to go to the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Facebook icon.

    ■If you are not already logged-in, provide your credentials in the appropriate fields, and tap the Log In button.

    ■Once the News Feed page opens up, tap the Search icon (icon with magnifying glass symbol) in the title bar.

    ■Once done, enter the name of the user in the search box whom you have sent the Facebook friend request accidentally.

    ■Once the user is found, tap the user’s name to go to his/her timeline.
    ■On the open interface, tap the Friend Request Sent button.

    ■From the displayed options, tap the Cancel Request button to cancel the friend request.

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