How to Capture a Screenshot in iOS 11

Whether it is a web page that you find attractive, or there’s an image or news that you want to look at after a while, capturing a screenshot of the display of your iOS device is the best, easiest, and quickest way to save things for future use.
Here’s how you can capture a screenshot on your iDevice running iOS 11:
    Get to the target object
    Go to the object you want to capture screenshot of. Your target object could be anything from a web page, text, news, or image.

    Capture the screenshot
    Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together. This captures the screenshot of anything that is displayed on your device’s screen. When your iDevice’s screen flickers for less than a second, you can know that the screenshot is captured successfully.
    Open the captured screenshot

Get back to the Home screen, tap Photos > Albums > Screenshots, and tap the latest image available in the album. This opens the most recent screenshot you captured.