How to Change a Lens on a Canon DSLR

Photographers use different lenses for different kinds of shots. Lenses may have different focal lengths, aperture ranges, and other differing factors. Here is how to change a lens on a Canon DSLR.

Step 1: Remove the lens cover from the lens you will be using. Leave the cap on top of the lens to prevent any dust from accumulating on it.

Step 2: Make sure the Canon DSLR camera is turned off.

Step 3: Remove the lens from the camera. Locate the lens release button, press it, and then turn the lens 90 degrees. Take it out of the camera.

Step 4:
Locate the index mark on the camera. There is a white index mark and a red index mark. These are for different models. The replacement lens will have a corresponding index mark.

Step 5: Attach the replacement lens by aligning the index marks. Then, rotate the lens 90 degrees until you hear it click into place.

Once the lens clicks into place, you have changed it. Make sure to put the lens cover back on the lens that you just removed. You don’t want dust to accumulate on the lens.
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