How to Change Background Wallpaper on a Chromebook

After you have successfully installed the Chrome OS on your PC, you may want to change its wallpaper.

You can follow the detailed instructions given below about how to change desktop wallpaper on your Chromebook:

    ■Turn on your Chromebook.
    ■Right-click anywhere on the desktop screen to open the context menu.
    ■Click Change Desktop Background from the displayed list.

    ■On the Background window, click the Plus sign from the bottom-left corner.

    ■From the Browse for more pictures window, under the Places section in the left, click the desired location from where you want to browse an image.
    ■Once located, click to select the picture from the middle pane.
    ■Click Open from the bottom-right corner to set a picture as the desktop wallpaper.

    ■Once you have successfully changed the background wallpaper, optionally, from the Background window, click the drop-down list from the bottom-right corner to adjust the image on your desktop screen as required.

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