How to Change Default Credit Cards for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a virtual payment system set up by the Apple Incorporation that allows users to make payments right from their Apple devices. Your card information is stored on your Passbook app (a preloaded virtual wallet app on all Apple devices) and you can add as many cards as you want and switch your default card whenever needed.

Step 1
Your default payment card will be whatever the first card you put into your Passbook was. To change this, open your Passbook app and go into the Settings option, and then select “Passbook & Apple Pay.”

Step 2
Once on this page you will see a list of the cards you have on file. Under the list you will see an option to change the default card. Tap on this and choose the card you would like from the list.

Step 3
After you have done that you can also change your billing and shipping addresses if necessary. You can go into your settings and change your default card whenever you would like.
Remember, when you make any purchases using Apple Pay the cost will automatically be charged to whatever your default card is, so make sure it’s set to the correct one to avoid mishap.

Apple Pay is a very handy system that allows you to make payments on things through your Apple devices. You can change your default card for payment whenever you want by opening Passbook and going into the “Passbook & Apple Pay” settings.