How to Change Photos Slideshow Settings In iOS 11

With all or some of the photos in the Photos app of your iOS 11 device, you can create and run the slideshows. When you run a slideshow, the selected images are displayed on the full screen one-by-one, thus turning your iDevice into a digital photo album.
However, the default settings of the slide that has a specific transition style, background music, and transition speed is something you may not like much.
That said, here’s how you can customize the slideshow settings in your iDevice running iOS 11:
    Select the pictures
    Tap the Photos icon from the Home screen, tap Select from top-right corner of the Moments window, and individually tap each photo that you want to include in the slideshow. This selects the photos that would be displayed on the screen during the slideshow. Alternatively, you can tap the Albums icon from the bottom-right corner, and tap the Camera Roll album from the Albums window that opens up to access and select the photos stored in your device from within a single container.



    Start the slideshow
    Tap the Share icon from the bottom-left corner, and tap Slideshow. This begins the slideshow with the default settings. Starting the slideshow is important as you can customize the settings only when it is running.


    Note: Settings changed in one slideshow become applicable for all the slideshows that you may create and run in your device.
    Get to the Slideshow Options window
    Tap anywhere on the screen while the slideshow is running, and then tap Options from the bottom-right corner. This opens the Slideshow Options window. From here you can customize all the settings for the slideshow.


    Select a theme
    Tap Theme and tap your preferred theme from the Themes window that opens up. This selects the theme for your slideshow, and automatically takes you back to the Slideshow Options window. Also, the selected theme is automatically applied to the slideshow.


    Select a background music
    Tap Music from the Slideshow Options window, and from the Music window that opens up, tap your preferred background music. This selects the music for your slideshow, and automatically takes you back to the Slideshow Options window. Alternatively, you can also select the iTunes Music option when on the Music window, and choose your preferred background music that your device’s storage may have. As with the theme, the selected music is automatically applied to the slideshow.


    Keep the slideshow running
    Tap the Repeat toggle switch from the Slideshow Options window. This enables the Repeat option (if disabled), and keeps the slideshow running in loop endlessly, until you stop it manually. Note: Enabling the Repeat switch and keeping the slideshow running may drain the battery of your iDevice faster than usual.

    Manage transition speed
    Move the Speed bar to the right or left. This decreases or increases the time interval between the pictures that appear during the slideshow respectively. In other words, if you move the Speed bar to the right, the images would change more rapidly. On the other hand, if you move the Speed bar to the left, each photo would remain on the screen for longer time during the slideshow.

    Save the settings

Tap Done from the top-right corner of the Slideshow Options window once you’re done customizing the settings. This takes you back to the slideshow. You can notice that the slideshow now runs with the customized settings.


Note: The settings that you customize for one slideshow would become default, and will be applicable to all the future slideshows that you create and run.