How to Change Skype Ringtone

When you install Skype on your desktop computer, laptop PC, or mobile device, you'll hear the default ringtone for everyone who calls you. The default ringtone is fine, but you can customize it if you like.

Skype allows you to set your custom ring tone by importing a .WAV file. Once you import it, you can set it as the new default ringtone.

You can even modify the sounds for every alert in Skype including messages sent, sign in and out, and call waiting.

By following the instructions given below, you can easily import the audio files into Skype and can set them as default notification tones.

    ■Log on to the computer on which you want to make the modifications.

    ■Once logged on, double-click the Skype icon to initialize the program.

    ■Provide your account credentials (username and password) to logon to Skype.

    ■On the opened interface, from the menubar, go to Tools>Options.


    ■On the opened Skype Options box, make sure that General category is selected from the left pane.

    ■From the expanded list that is displayed, click to select Sounds option.

    ■From the right pane, click Import sounds button under the My custom sounds section.

    ■Using the opened Choose your sound box, browse and locate the audio file of your choice. (.WAV file).


    ■Once located, click Open button to import the selected file to the Skype.

    ■Back on the previous box, click to select the desired event from the Select which events play a sound list to which the imported audio file is to be assigned as ring or notification tone.

    ■From the Choose which sound to play drop-down list, choose the file that you imported.

    ■Once done, click Save to save the changes.


    ■Finally click Close to close the Skype Options box.

    ■If required, restart Skype to allow the changes to take effect.

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