How to Change Your Farm’s Name In Hay Day

When you start playing Hay Day, you will notice that you have two names associated with your farm: one is your actual farm’s name and the other is your roadside shop name. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to easily change your farm’s name.

Step 1: Go to “settings” and tap “change farm name.” Your farm name shows up when you visit other farms, and it’ll also appear on the newspaper list, followers list, friends list, and last helpers list. Make sure you come up with a farm name that’s fairly simple.

Step 2: Tap the blue star near the top of the farm and then tap the name of the farm. You will be able to directly edit that field. Remember that on Facebook or in Game Center, your roadside shop name will appear to people instead of your farm name.

Step 3: Change your roadside shop name by entering Game Center. You will not be able to alter the name in Hay Day itself. Inside Game Center, tap “Account.” Next, tap “View Account” and scroll down until you see “Nickname.” That is your Game Center ID and it will appear on your roadside shop.

Step 4: Change the roadside shop name via Facebook if you see your real name appear as the Game Center ID. If you see your name in the Game Center ID field, you’re currently logged into Facebook. A visitor will still only see your roadside shop name, not your real name, unless the user is a friend of yours on Facebook. Simply change the roadside shop name through your Facebook account if you’re currently logged in.