How to Charge a FitBit

A FitBit is a device that allows you to keep track of several biometric functions and exercise data such as the number of steps that you walked, and it can also measure sleep. It has an internal battery and is docked in a wristband. Like all electronic devices, the battery will wear down and the unit will need to be charged. To learn how to charge your FitBit, simply follow the few instructions below and your FitBit will be charged up and ready to use again.

1. Wristband removal- The FitBit docks into a Flex wristband to protect the unit from damage and assist with portability, so it wears like a watch. Underneath the wristband is a slot where you can push the FitBit. Bend the wristband and push from underneath to remove the FitBit device from the wristband.

2. Charger cable - Insert the charging cable into the FitBit unit. You will hear a click when it is properly connected.

3. Power Source - You can use several power sources to charge your FitBit. Plug it into the wall, into a car charger, or via the USB end into your computer. You will see your FitBit light up when it is charging.

4. Charged and ready- Once all 5 lights are lit, the unit is fully charged. Remove the charging cable from the FitBit and re-insert the unit into the wristband.
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