How to charge your phone with the new MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro is equipped with several useful features that place it at the fore of the personal computer market. However, the only ports you will find on the MacBook Pro are Thunderbolt 3, also known as USB-C. This means that anything you want to connect to your computer will need a USB-C connection It also means the standard USB to Lightning cable that comes with your iPhone won't be able to charge your Phone with the new MacBook Pro.
But there are tricks you can use to get past this limitation. There are three ways you can charge your phone with the new MacBook Pro.

Option 1
USB-C to USB adapter
The first trick you can employ is to purchase a USB adapter. This will turn a Thunderbolt 3 port into a USB port, and allow you to use the original cord that came with your iPhone. You can purchase Apple's adapter for around $19, if you find that too expensive, you can search the internet for third-party options at cheaper prices.
The advantage of having the USB-C to USB adapter hinges on its versatility. The devices you use will probably use the standard USB port, which means you also need this dongle to connect your Apple Watch charging cradle, printer, external microphone and others.

Option 2
USB-C to Lightning cable
If you didn’t find the first option worked for you, try this. Rather than a little dongle, you can get a USB-C-to-Lightning cable instead. This cable lets you plug your iPhone directly into the Thunderbolt 3 port on your new MacBook Pro. You can purchase Apple's official cable for about $25. Once again, If you find it expensive, do a search for third-party options available at cheaper prices.

Option 3
Third-party adapters
Whether you want a single-use adapter, multi-port adapter, or even a replacement port, there’s are many MFi high-quality adapters available to suit your needs.