How to Check Data Usage on Sprint

Going over your data allowance can lead to some costly overage fees. Avoid overpaying by monitoring how much data you use.

Step 1: Check for Usage Alerts. Text updates are sent to your phone and email once a usage threshold is passed (75%, 90%, 100%). Be aware that a large update will not trigger and update until it is finished, making it possible to go over your limit.

Step 2: Check you MySprint account online. Set up an account on My Sprint (go to and click on My Sprint at the top left), then log in. On the My Sprint page, scroll down to About My Devices for a summary of your usages. Click See All Usage for a detailed view of your minutes, text, and data usage. You can also access your My Sprint account on your smart phone or tablet using the Sprint Zone app.

Step 3: Request a text update from your phone. On your phone, text the word “usage” to 1311. You will receive a text message with your usage information.

Step 4: Call for an automated usage summary. On your phone, dial *4 and follow the voice prompts, or dial 4 again to hear all your usages.

Step 5: Use third-party diagnostic tools. Popular apps such as 3G Watchdog, Dataman, and Data Monitor are frequently used to measure data usage on a device when built-in diagnostic systems are insufficient. They can be downloaded from the internet.

Using one or more of the options listed here will help you keep your data usage within reasonable limits. You will never be surprised by your monthly bill again.

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