How to Check Data Usage on T-Mobile

With modern technology, it is very easy for customers to stay informed about their data consumption. These are a few of the ways the T-Mobile customers can monitor their usages.

Step 1: Get an automatic text or email alert. Periodic updates sent via text and email after a certain percentage of the monthly allowance has been used up. This feature comes automatically with all usage-based plans. You may not get the update if you are in the middle of a large download.

Step 2: Set up an account on My T-Mobile (go to, then log in. On My T-Mobile, click Usage for an Overview of your usages. For shared plans, click View Shared Usage Details. To see a specific line’s usages, click the number under the Minutes or Data column. You can also access your my T-Mobile account on your smart phone or tablet using the T-Mobile MyAccount app.

Step 3: Request a text update from your phone. On your phone, dial #MIN# (#646#) for minutes, #MSG# (#674#) for messages, or #WEB# (#932#) for data. You will receive a text message with your usage information. Use #999# for pre-paid accounts.

Step 4: Call 611. On your phone, dial 611. When prompted, say “data usage.”

Step 5: Use third-party diagnostic tools. There are a plethora of downloadable third-party apps (3G Watchdog, Dataman, Data Monitor, etc.) designed to measure your device’s data usage over time. Also many phones & tablets come with data monitoring features built in (check your device manual).
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