How to Check Local News with Google Assistant


As you may already know, Google Assistant has many uses and several of them are really great. Having the ability to tell you the latest news, sports news or any other kind of news is one of those cool features.

While the exact ability to tell you the local news isn’t implemented properly, you can add your own news source and Google Assistant will tell you news from those sources. It’s nothing too complicated as you will see for yourself. So, here’s how to check local news with Google Assistant.

    ■ Open your Google Assistant by holding the Home button on your phone, or by using the phrase “Hey Google”.
    ■ In the upper-right corner, press on the blue circle


    ■ Then, press on the menu icon (the three vertical dots).


    ■ Choose Settings.


    ■ Find the services section and tap on News.


    ■ In here you can see the news sources you can currently listen to. Scroll down to find Add news sources. Tap on it, so you can add more news sources. Also, you can change the order of the news sources, so that the ones you want to hear first will always be on the top. You can do that by clicking on Change Order.


    ■ When you tap Add news sources, you'll see a list of news sources. You can tap on check-boxes to the right, to add or remove a news source. Find the ones that you want and add them.


    ■ Also, tapping on the small arrow icon will give you the option to choose other countries news (Germany, Italy, France and so on, not just the default US). The list might be dependent on your location so keep that in mind.


    ■ After you add the news sources you wish, next time you use the “Tell me the news” command, Google Assistant will also include those news sources that you recently added. If you also changed their order so they are on top, you’ll hear them first.
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