How to Check What Others Can See on Your Facebook Profile

Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. Your friends can see what you post, your pictures, and comments you make as well as pages you like, posts you share, your friends list, and virtually anything else. Of course you can see your own profile, but you may not know is that you can see how your profile appears to others, be it the general public or one specific person. If you would like to find out what other people can see on your Facebook profile, simply follow these few instructions.

1. Logging on and logging in- Open your web browser and go to Sign in with your email and password.

2. Going to your profile- At the top of your wall, which is what you will see when you log in, you will see your name next to the search box. Click on your name and profile picture to go to your profile.

3. Profile page- You will see your cover photo and to the bottom right of that you will see three buttons. One will say Update Info, the other will say Activity Log, and next to that will be three dots like this: … Click on the three dots.

4. View As- When you click on the 3 dots, you will see three options. The first is View As… Click on View As.

5. Viewing options- You will see initially how your profile appears to the public. Next to that will be a white text that says View as a Specific Person. Click on that and enter a person’s name (on your friends list) to see how your profile looks to them.
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