How to Check Your Achievements on a Windows Phone

One of the advantages Windows Phone users have is being able to access Xbox Live on their phones and play their favorite Xbox games anytime and anywhere. While you can track your Live games achievements on your PC, Windows Phone users wonder whether they can do the same on their phone. It is possible, and very easy. Here's how you check your achievements using your Windows phone.

1. If you have a Live account already, all you need to do is tap the Xbox Live app and log in. From there, you will be taken to your profile where you can edit your profile or change your avatar.


2. At the left side of your avatar, you will be able to see three options - Profile, Achievements, and Avatar. Just tap "Achievements" to access all the achievements that you have unlocked. On the same screen, you'll be able to see your gamer tag and score as well.

3. If you don't have an Xbox account yet, you can set up an account by pressing "Xbox Live" on the Start menu. You will be directed to the "Games" screen where you can sign in or join Xbox Live using your Windows Live ID.