How to Choose Which Language My LinkedIn Profile Appears to Visitors

LinkedIn allows you to create multiple secondary profiles in different languages. With the help of the secondary profiles, visitors from different regions can view your LinkedIn profile according to their preferred language.

For example, if you are from United States but want visitors from Italy to view your LinkedIn profile in their regional language, you can create a secondary profile in Italian. When you do so, people from all other countries will view your primary profile (which is in English by default), but people from Italy will be able to view your profile in Italian.

You can create multiple secondary profiles for your main LinkedIn profile, limited only by the number of languages on LinkedIn.

Here is how you can create a secondary LinkedIn profile:

    ■Sign in to your LinkedIn account using your favorite web browser.
    ■Once you are signed-in, click the Profile menu from the menu bar at the top.

    ■On your profile page that opens up, hover mouse to the down arrow available next to the Edit Profile button.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Create profile in another language option.

    ■On the Create Your Profile in Another Language page, choose your preferred language from the Language drop-down list.

    ■Populate the remaining fields with the correct values.
    ■Finally click the Create Profile button to complete the profile creation process.


Once your secondary profile is created, you can switch between your primary and secondary profiles by hovering the mouse to the selected language available at the left corner of your profile page, under your profile picture, and choosing the desired profile (primary or secondary) from the displayed list.