How to Clean a Roomba

Roomba is robotic vacuum cleaner made by the company called iRobot. This small machine can be set up to automatically vacuum one or more rooms in a house, maneuvering easily and even getting at areas that are ordinarily difficult to clean without moving furniture around. While this machine can leave its base, clean the room, and return to its base, it can’t clean itself just yet. The owner will have to take care of that function for now. To learn how to clean a Roomba, simply follow these few steps.

1. Flipping the unit- Prepare a hard, flat surface or one that is comfortable for you. Flip the Roomba unit upside down.

2. Brush removal- You will see the brush bars underneath a guard. Near the wheels of the Roomba, you will see a yellow tab on either side. Push in both tabs simultaneously and lift upward to remove the brush guard. The brushes ends are notched in, so just pull the brush out of its notches to remove. There are two brushes 0 a metal bristle brush and a rubber one.

3. Brush cleaning- A cleaning tool comes with the Roomba. Remove the yellow cap (brush bearing) from the metal bristle brush. Take the brush cleaning tool and put it over the end of the brush and pull it down the length of the brush, repeating as necessary. Clean the cap of the bristle brush as well, replacing when complete. Repeat the process with the other brush, but do not use the tool.

4. Replacing the brushes- Place the brushes back in their respective positions in the unit. Pull the brush guard back down over the brushes and lock into place (you’ll hear the tabs snap back in place).

5. Side brush cleaning- Use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the side brush. Clean the side brush and replace, screwing it back into place.