How to Clear the 'Now Playing' List in Windows Phone 8

Some Windows Phone users have reported an issue with the Music app. Specifically, they can't clear the "Now Playing" list when listening to music. To play individual songs, you'll want to clear that list. Here's how to get rid of the "Now Playing" List.


1. First, play your favorite song on your music app.
2. Go to the first page of the music app.
3. From that page, navigate to History. You will see the song there.
4. Tap on that song, which will make a “Now playing” list containing only the song you want to play.
5. Alternatively, create a new playlist that only contains the desired song. That’s how you can avoid extra songs.

You can also use a third party app for clearing the 'Now Playing' List. Here’s the process:
1. Download Stop the Music! app from the Windows Phone store
2. Install it on your phone
3. Launch the app and tap on the stop button which will be at the bottom of your screen. Then any music which is playing on the music app will be stopped and the Now Playing list will be cleared instantly.
4. Additionally, you can pin the stop button on the start screen.

Another good app is Clear Media History.
1. Download it from the store
2. Then install it on your phone
3. Launch the app
4. To clear your play history tap on ‘clear play history’

5. It will prompt a message. Tap on OK

6. After completing tap on OK

7. To clear new history tap on ‘clear new history

8. After you're done, tap on OK