How to Clear Your Safari Browsing History

There are many reasons why someone would want to clear their Safari browsing history, especially if you are using a computer that you are sharing with others (maybe your Mom). So if you need to hide your browsing history for any reason at all (you may just be looking for gift ideas!), it is very simple and straight-forward. Follow these easy steps to clear your Safari browsing history:

1. Load Safari


For this step, it doesn't matter whether or not you are connected to the Internet. Your history is stored right on your computer. Obviously, you will need a connection to browse later, but for now you are fine.

2. On the search bar…


Go to the search bar and click on the magnifying glass icon. You will get a drop down menu that will have your recent searches and some menu options below. Click on the “Clear Recent Searches” option.

3. Alternatively - go to the History Bar


If you want something a bit more thorough, go to the History Option as shown and select “Clear History”.

4. Choose what you want to delete from the options shown


Simply click the boxes for what you want to do. Here you can delete everything that you have ever done, from passwords you have saved to sites you have visited.

5. Test to see if it worked


Click on the search bar and see what drops down. Any recent searches? No? Thjen you are all cleaned up and good to go.