How to Clip Web Content to Evernote

Evernote has a lot of features which allows you to do more beyond note creation. Some of these features are add-ons which you need to download. One of these add-ons allow you to create a note and add the content of your favorite website without using the usual copy and paste action. If you are wondering how to do this, here is how you can clip web content to Evernote.

1. First, download the Web Clipper here. It automatically detects the browser you are using and will lead you directly to the download link for your browser. If you are using a mobile device, you can get it from the App Store or Play Store.


2. After you have successfully downloaded it, you will see the elephant or the Evernote icon on the upper right corner of your browser. Click that to register or log in using your Evernote credentials.


3. Once logged in, the Web Clipper is active. So when you start browsing and you like a certain page or website, simply click the Evernote icon on your browser and a menu will appear with several options how you want to save the webpage. Choose which notebook you want to save the article and click Save.


4. You can also share the web page automatically after you saved it. Click the icon of any social media site you want to share it to. If not, just skip the process.


5. Then, go to you Evernote account and find the notebook where you saved the article. Click to open and make any edits or additional notes. You can share it or save it afterwards.