How to Collect ISO-8 in Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited is a running game by Gameloft. As with all running games, your character (Spider-Man, in this case) must travel past a variety of obstacles. You swing on web, defeat enemies, and defeat Spider-Man's foes. As you would expect, there is in-game currency (vials) that you can collect to recruit other Spider-Men from alternate Marvel universes as well as upgrades, and premium currency (ISO-8) that you can buy with cash. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll learn how to collect precious ISO-8.

1. Opening the game- Tap the Spider-Man Unlimited icon to open the game.

2. Medaling in Unlimited- In Unlimited Mode, should you place bronze or better, you can earn ISO-8.

3. Daily Slinger- There are daily challenges that you can complete to get ISO-8.

4. Story missions- When you complete some story missions, part of your reward is ISO-8.

5. Enemy of gold- There is a gold enemy, and there is only one available per day. Attack this enemy for some more ISO-8.

6. Event challenges- Doing well in the event challenges can net you some ISO-8.
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