How to Combine Multiple Photos on a Smartphone

One fun way to share photos with others is to create a collage. Collages are perfect when you want to combine multiple pictures from an event to provide a comprehensive idea of the event to your followers or friends on social media. You can easily combine multiple photos on your smartphone by following these simple steps.

Step 1:
The first step for combining multiple photos is to download a collage maker app. There are several on the market for both Android and Apple OS systems. While many are free, there are also some apps for which you have to pay. They include Pic Collage, Diptic, Photo Grid, and Moldiv. Search your app store for more options.

Step 2:
Once you have downloaded a collage app, open it on your phone. Most of the apps will offer different layouts for your collage. Choose the layout and number of photos for your masterpiece.

Step 3:
Choose the photos for your collage. The app will need to access your camera roll from the app, which will typically be provided with button that you push. You can often take photos from the app as well. Typically, you will select the photo from each piece of the collage, although some apps may have you choose all the photos at once.

Step 4:
Once you are finished creating your collage, you can add a frame or other effects in the app. Then press the save button. Now it is ready to be shared on social media or with friends.