How to Comment on SoundCloud Sounds

SoundCloud is a social networking site which allows users to upload their original music and download music from other artists for free. It provides an avenue to budding musical artists to promote their work for free. It also allows users to promote each others work and interact with each other. If you have thoughts about a certain track, you can leave a comment. Here's how:

1. Click any song you want to listen to first. If you want to say something about the song or want to leave a message to the owner of the song, the comment box is just bellow the song. Type anything you want to say and hit enter.


2. Once you hit enter, your comment will be added to the song with your image, if you uploaded any, and link to your own page.


3. If you received any comment, an orange dot will appear on your notifications represented by a bell icon found on the upper right side of your screen.


3. You can always check out more information about those who made a comment to your sound by clicking their image icon found on the song. After that, you will be re-directed to their profile and you can also begin browsing their songs and leave a comment.