How to configure a Parrot AR.Drone

If you’ve just acquired a new or used Parrot AR.Drone, you probably want to set it up and fly it. Here’s a brief breakdown of the necessary configuration and setup steps you’ll have to go through before flying one of Parrot’s popular drones.

Step 1
Whether your AR.Drone is new or used, you will always want to start with the same steps: plugging in the battery to charge and downloading the application to your iPhone or Apple iOS device. The app can be found for free on the Apple App Store: simply search for “FreeFlight”. Once the battery is charged, reconnect it to your drone.

Step 2
If you’re piloting a used AR.Drone, you’ll need to unpair it from previous devices in order for it to work with your device. On the bottom of the drone, there are two buttons that you have to press with a pin or other fine-tipped object. One is “Reset” and one is “Unpair.” Press the latter button to make it possible to hook the drone up to your personal iOS device.

Step 3
Hook your phone or tablet up to the drone. To do this, plug the battery into your AR.Drone and wait until the System LED light turns green. Then, go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and wait for “ardrone_parrot” to appear in the network list. Select it to connect with your device.

Your AR.Drone is now configured for use with your iOS device! You are ready to fly. Just remember to switch the Outdoor Flight and Outdoor Shell functions (found in the Settings menu of your FreeFlight app) on or off depending on whether you are flying inside or outside!
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