How to Connect a Kindle E-Reader to Wi-Fi

Though the biggest benefit of the Kindle E-reader is the storage of all your favorite books, you can also use the device to access the Internet. This comes in handy if you want to use the Kindle store, but also if you just want to surf the net without going on your computer or your phone. All Kindles come with wireless capabilities and connecting is easy.

Step 1
Turn your Kindle on. Once on the Home screen select the Menu. From here go into Settings and select the “View” option net to the Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 2
You should now see a list of available networks as well as how many bars of service each has which tells you how good the connection is. Select the network you wish to connect to.

Step 3
If the network is protect you will need to put in the password when prompted and then select the submit button. If you don’t know the password you will need to get it from someone who does, or pick an unprotected network.

Step 4
You now have Internet access. Whenever your Kindle comes in range of this network it should automatically connect for you so you don’t have to go through the process again. If there is more than one network in range that you have used before, Kindle will connect to the most recently used one.

Connecting to wireless internet is easy using your Kindle. Open your Wi-Fi settings and select your network; put in a password if necessary. Once you’re connected you want have to manually reconnect to that network again.