How to Connect a Windows 8 Laptop to a Projector

Hooking up your Windows laptop is a great way to give a presentation, show off images, or even watch a movie on a bigger screen. And with Windows 8, it couldn't be easier.

Follow these steps and have your screen shown through a projector in a just a few minutes. (As long as you have the right cords and inputs, that is!)

Note: You can skip going through Control Panel by using a shortcut – simply press the Windows Key + P.

1. With the projector turned on, plug the cable into the laptop.

(The connections will depend both on your laptop and the projector. Most laptops will have a VGA or DVI port, but few will have both. Some projectors will have a USB option. Choose the best option for you, or use whichever cables are required to connect.)


2. Open the Control Panel by typing “Control” into the search bar and selecting the option below.


3. In the search box on the Control Panel, type “Projector”, and then click on Connect To A Projector.


4. Select one of the options for how your desktop will be displayed.


5. Your display will now appear through the projector. Easy!

(If you have any problems check all connections and ensure that Windows 8 has recognized the hardware.)