How to Connect Bubble Witch 2 Saga to Facebook

Games like Bubble Witch 2 Saga are designed with social networks in mind, and the benefits to being connected to a network while playing these games are obvious. You can share scores and compare progress, and, more importantly, you can ask your friends for extra lives without having to pay for them or wait the usual 30 minutes for an extra one. Here’s how to connect Bubble Witch 2 Saga to Facebook.

Step 1: Once you’ve installed the game, the first screen you see will have a button directly below the Play button that reads “connect.” Tap this button.

Step 2: If you skipped the button during installation, you can view and click this button again after completing a level.

Step 3: Enter your Facebook login details when prompted to connect to the app.

Step 4: Choose your privacy options. The game can post automatic updates for you regarding your game progress, but be sure to restrict what the application can post if all of your friends are not avid Bubble Witch 2 Saga fans.

Step 5: You can now use your Bubble Witch 2 Saga Facebook connection to post updates on your progress, send messages to other players and friends, and send lives to friends who request a little help.